Wylde Swimming
Olivia Takes Up Open Water Swimming During Lockdown And It Changes Her Life Forever
Wylde Swimming
Olivia Takes Up Open Water Swimming During Lockdown And It Changes Her Life Forever

Wylde Swimming by Simon Tozer

It is November 2019, not many people have much awareness wild swimming, let alone taking part. Even fewer people know what PPE or socially distancing are. At this point no one has heard about Covid-19 at all.

All that was about to change…

Olivia Wylde’s life was to change in ways that she could not imagine, largely when she starts to take up open water swimming during the first lockdown. But how was a man sitting looking at the sea in South Devon in 1921 connected to her and how could he change her life for ever when the two of them lived in separate centuries?

Wylde Swimming is the latest novel by Devon Author, Simon Tozer. Published in Autumn 2022, Wylde Swimming is mainly about two characters. 

Olivia Wylde is the eponymous heroine of the story, who lives through the travails of Covid-19 and relationship and housing problems. Her one saving grace is the “wild” swimming she takes up during the first lockdown. This open water swimming will open new doors and experiences for her and totally transform her life.

Bert Windyett sits in a cove in South Devon, mourning his lost love and lack of direction. He lives in 1921 and therefore he and Olivia are separate by a hundred years, yet their lives will become entwined…

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Reviews & Feedback for Wylde Swimming

Fantastic story!
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Having lived in Devon all my life I love that I know the locations in this book and share the main character’s enjoyment of outdoor swimming and walking. What begins as a great story about a woman enjoying her new found love of outdoor swimming with her friends, at a difficult time in her life, turns into a fantastic tale of love and loss.
Amazon Customer
Loved it, great read
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Loved the book, an adventure that begins with wild swimming and leads somewhere quite unexpected. Wonderful descriptions of Devon locations and history, both past and present, with an added touch of magic. Couldnt put it down, and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Brilliant read!
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Just finished this book and thoroughly enjoyed it. The story, seen through the eyes of the narrator as she escapes personal woes set against a backdrop of national uncertainty, by experiencing wild swimming was very engaging. Indeed, I found the passages written around her new pastime/escape to be informative and enticing - even though I am far from the world's best swimmer, I found myself imagining myself in the various scenarios and eager to experience them. An unexpected twist half way through transports the reader on another journey altogether! A great read. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
Ra Zor Pariah
Wylde Swimming
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Wylde Swimming is a wonderful read. Its really enjoyable and with a great suprise plot . Quite an unusual theme. Lots of tips for wild swimmers. Recommended.