How long did Briana take to write?


One of the main questions I get asked is with regards how long it takes to write one of my books.

In the case of Briana and the Saxon Warrior, I can genuinely say that it took about fifteen years.

“Couldn’t you have written a longer book then?”

Now obviously I wasn’t writing solidly for fifteen years but the original genesis of the idea for Briana occurred in 2004. I was doing a creative writing course and one week we were asked to create a 10 minute radio play. I came up with an idea for a little boy who didn’t like his parents and school but his Father had a secret book in the attic.

A few years later I started adapting it into a screenplay but that failed.

Eventually in 2017 I had some time on my hands and I wrote the novel. Even then it was loosely called “The Pancyclopaedia” and the main character was a little boy.

I left it again and then in the winter of 2018/2019 i changed the main character to a little girl, finished it off and decided to self publish.

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